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The crew at ZenCog Bicycle Company in Jacksonville, FL focuses on the notion that each and every man, woman, and child deserves the opportunity to benefit from the relaxation and free moments that fresh air and a pair of bike tires provide.

We carry bikes for small children, kids, and grownups. We have child seats for babies. We are also more than happy to equip mobility-challenged consumers with alternative bike models which could include recumbents and trikes.

Bicycles are a remarkable way to connect a local community. Riding a bike has a familiar appeal and is thought of as a mutual leisure activity. Not only is riding a bicycle a transportation choice, it is also a public health and wellbeing effort.

ZenCog Bicycle Company promises that you are going to end up having some fantastic encounters on your bike, more so than in a car. We chose to open a bike shop in our most loved neighborhood in 2009,, and we have been getting our relatives and buddies spinning since then.

We are enthusiastic proponents of the individuals and businesses that keep our unique community moving. Pretty much every ride can be an adventure. Regardless of whether you are going a few blocks to the local tavern or store, a few miles to work, or even halfway around the world, ZenCog will be able to get you and your bike set up for success.

Come have a look at our shop pretty much any day of the week. We are open every day except for the major holidays. At ZenCog Bicycle Company in Jacksonville, FL “We Get Around,” and we want to help you get around, too!

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